Orange County Singles Reviews Top Qualities To Look For In A Man

What are the most important qualities Orange County Singles look for in a man. Many of the answers are predictable. When Orange County Singles asked the question, “What qualities are at the top of your list when dating men”, most answers focused on work ethics and  trust. It didn’t mean that they had to be wealthy, just that they had a steady job. Since most women have jobs their own, the need to be financially supported was very low on the list of top qualities. Most women today list personal traits much more important than professional status or social standing.

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Orange County Singles states that high on the qualities list of most women is compassion. Not just compassion towards her but compassion with everything in life. Passion in their job, hobbies, sports, as well as other people are all important traits to women. By showing compassion in all aspects of their lives shows his capability to commitment and dedication in a relationship.

Children also rank at the top of the list Orange County Singles reports. At some point in their life most women want children. Many women want to know whether a man wants to have children early in the relationship. Bottom line if a man doesn’t want to have children and the women does it is probably a relationship breaker. At a very young age, women dream of having and raising children and will include this desire when looking for a man.

Not a surprise that high on the list of qualities is humor. There is nothing more enjoyable or healthy than laughing with someone you care about. Orange County Singles put a sense of humor high on their list of most desirable qualities. With all the hustle and stress in today’s life, there is nothing more enjoyable than coming home and having a good laugh with someone you love. This is not just something every women wants, but every person wants in life.

Another quality that was high on the list for Orange County Singles was religious beliefs. Finding someone with your exact morals and beliefs may be difficult but still is a high priority when looking for qualities in a man. When looking for a long term relationship, differences in religious beliefs may cause issues down the road. This is especially true when having children. Women want to raise their children based on the faith they were raised with. If a man is of a different faith conflict will arise. Once again it would be wise to discuss faith early in the relationship.

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One of the more surprising results of the survey taken by Orange County Singles, is that women look for and pay close attention to a man’s grammar and spelling. He doesn’t have to be an author but basic knowledge of grammar, especially differences in simple words like, to and two or then and than can turn most woman off. A well spoken man with the ability to communicate through writing is important to women. It shows maturity and a bit of sophistication in a man.

This leads to the most discussed quality according to Orange County Singles. One of the most frustrating traits for a women is a man who doesn’t or can’t communicate.  Women love to have conversations about everything and don’t want to seem they are talking to themselves. Yes, women want men to listen but just as important is to provide feedback. Men tend to give short answers and in some cases have a hard time paying attention. Its very important that a man be able to express his feelings in a conversation. If a man is unable to communicate it usually leads to relationship issues down the road.

Can anyone say politics! Like many of the other qualities women look for in men, most have to do with compatibility. Politics is another one of these. Sure you hear of couples on both sides of the political spectrum, but these are extremely rare. Political views are usually based on moral and personal convictions. Orange County Singles says although some political differences are usually okay, those on either end of the spectrum very rarely survive. Many women believe strongly in issues that affect them If a man they are dating doesn’t agree or support their position, conflict in the relationship is sure to follow.

Of course every woman wants a man who knows how to love them. All women surveyed by Orange County Singles rated this very high, and is usually the first quality they look for when entering into a relationship. Women love to be pampered. Sure, remembering birthdays and anniversaries are important but we’re talking about men showing love daily. Telling a women how good she looks, supporting her when she’s having a bad day, holding hands on a walk are a couple of examples. By men showing their love everyday makes a woman feel complete and insures a great relationship.

Orange County Singles mentioned ethics and trust as being high on their list of qualities. Loyalty is another quality that women look for, which go hand and hand with trust and ethics. Women want a man they can share their insecurities and secrets with and not have to worry about being betrayed.

Confidence along with humor were the two highest rated personality traits. Orange County Singles says women are very attracted to confident men. Women stated they are very comfortable with men who can make decisions and handle difficult situations.

Orange County Singles wanted to tease the readers a bit. We know everyone reading this article is saying ……..what about physical attraction? Of course physical attraction ranked very high on the survey according to Orange County Singles. Everything from the way a man looks, to personal hygiene, to the way a man dresses all impact physical attraction. Bottom line, women want men who look good and look for men that take pride in themselves. A couple other interesting facts regarding physical attraction. A lot of women mentioned the masculine body type, but surprisingly a lot of women said they prefer their men a little thicker. Women also said they prefer men taller than themselves saying it gives them the feeling of security. Dental health was also identified. Women are attracted to a nice smile and consider poor dental health a major hygiene issue. There were dozens of other characteristics mentioned showing that physical attraction is truly in the eyes of the beholder.

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The last of the major qualities mentioned by women was also cited as one of the most important. Woman want men with goals. Women are looking for a man that has future plans and aspirations. They don’t want to date someone that is content living at home with their parents or okay with retiring at their current job. Orange County Singles explains that women are very concerned with their future security. A man who has aspiring goals for the future is extremely desirable for a woman. At the end of the day, all women want is to have a secure future, and the opportunity to live life with someone who is looking to better themselves and reach the goals they set.

In the end, women look for qualities in a man that mirror their own. Orange County Singles agrees that dating men with the same morals, likes and dislikes usually greatly increase the odds of a successful relationship.


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