Learn Flirting Skills With Orange County Singles Dating Service

Flirting is an art that every woman should master.  It’s out with the old and in with the new!  And today, the professional matchmakers of Orange County Singles bring you the top ways of flirting with an attractive modern day man.


Those flirting techniques that used to work back when your mother was dating are not going to cut it in today’s world.  The modern woman needs to be on top of what works in today’s high tech world with gadget savvy men. 


Whenever women go on dates, their mothers like to give them rules for flirting, and they usually go along these lines: Wear a nice dress, put on a little makeup, bake him a few cookies, and never kiss him on the first date. 


Now ladies, in today’s world, you no longer have to wear a dress–You already know that.  And you can now keep your makeup to a minimum too–So no worries there.  And although looking great is very important when it comes to flirting, modern men are more interested to find out what’s in your head and getting you interested in finding out what’s in their head, explains Orange County Singles


So while you go get those sexy leggings or those cute jeans you worked so hard to get into, here are some great flirting skills that are sure to catch his attention.


1. Flirt Via Text


Texting is so common nowadays that flirting via text message has become an art.  However, remember that when flirting with a man, you always want to play a little hard to get.  One thing your mom is right about is that men love to chase a woman, explains Orange County Singles–It’s their natural instinct. 


So when you flirt with him via text message, do not text first–Let him be the first one.  After he texts you, you can respond with something cute–Leave the winks, smiley faces, and lol’s out of the equation, for now.  Make him chase you.


2. Football


Men are so barbaric that they will even kick a rock to keep themselves entertained, and that is how many sports have probably evolved.  While the modern woman doesn’t have to be screaming and hollering at football games, they should at least know a little bit about them.  You should be able to talk to your man about his team and who you think will win in the NFL, you must know the difference between a strike and a home run, you should know a little bit about hockey–Show him that you’re capable of watching a game together, all men will be attracted to that.


3. Give Him An Ego Boost


Every man loves a woman they can hold a conversation with, explains Orange County Singles, but here comes the tricky part–You need to be able to hold a conversation with him, yet still show him you need his help for some things.  Tricky, right?  For example, you’re probably very capable of changing your own light bulb or hanging a picture in your hallway, but just to boost his ego, act like you can’t do it on your own and get him to help you do it.  This is a great way to boost his ego, explains Orange County Singles.  Let him teach you how to change it or fix it, even though you already know how to do it.  See the trick here, ladies? 


4. Silence Can Work Wonders


Silence is golden–And sometimes the best way to flirt with a man is using your eyes and your smile, explains Orange County Singles.  Exchanging a look in a crowded room is a great way to let him know you’re interested in him, but it also opens the door for him to be able to make the first move (the chase). 


5. Ask Him Out On A Date


Contrary to what your mother has taught you, women can ask a man out on a date, explains Orange County Singles.  Your mom probably told you that men should always be the ones to make the first move, which in the perfect world, that’s how it would work (if they had the guts to do it).  But most men would probably go to the dentist than go up to an attractive woman.  That’s right, so don’t be afraid to go ahead and ask him on a date and see where things go.


6. Run Into Him By Accident


Well, not literally–Unless the two of you see each other jogging regularly.  If you know the places he goes, it’s okay to go there occasionally. 


7. Remember The Things He Likes


If you are lucky enough to have talked to this man you are wanting to flirt with, remember all the things he likes.  It’s always good to remember a man’s likes–It is important to remember them on future dates.  Those little things he likes can help you easily start a conversation on future dates, explains Orange County Singles


8. Pick One Of His Likes


Learning about one of his favorite things will be all the flirting you need.  If he is into hiking, you can learn about hiking trails in the area so you can talk to him about them.  And if things are going well, maybe the two of you can experience a little hiking together.


9. Always Be Happy & Positive


Nothing turns a man off faster than a woman who is always miserable, explains Orange County Singles.  Every woman will experience a bad day from time to time, and letting him see you have a bad day is completely okay–But not at the beginning stages, not when you’re just flirting with each other. 


Now, you don’t always have to be Mrs. Nothing Is Wrong and prance and dance about the city, but at least when you see him, you should try to be happy.  Men, especially those who are always stressed out from work, are attracted to women who are happy.  They want someone to pick them up, not pull them down.


10. Always Keep It Playful


If you are able to work up the guts to talk to him, always keep it playful.  Flirting should always be fun, reminds Orange County Singles.  Smile, but don’t put on a fake smile either.  It must be genuine, one that makes you look approachable.  Teasing him a little bit is also a great way to make him feel comfortable.  But watch out, there are only so many times a man wants to hear about his rosy red lips or long eyelashes. 


11. Compliment Him


Flattery will work wonders when flirting with a man.  Women love compliments, and believe it or not, men do too.  So if you think his smile is attractive, let him know.  If you like the dress shirt he is wearing, let him know.  But as with every tip, you must learn to be frugal with the compliments, reminds Orange County SinglesIt’s okay to hear “I love your smile” once or twice, but if you tell him that every time you see him, it might creep him out.


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