Orange County Singles Dating Service Reviews the Top Turn Offs For Women


Have you ever considered what turns a woman off?  Or do you constantly hate men for no reason?  There was a time when women were too concerned about making themselves more appealing to men, but nowadays, women are being very picky and they’re the ones doing the choosing, instead of being chosen. 

Today, the dating experts at Orange County Singles Dating Service will review the top turn offs for women of all ages, and through all stages of a relationship.


Not Being Paid Attention to Enough

Being ignored is one of the top turn offs for women—from day one of the relationship until death.  Women expect their man to be attentive, and most women will judge how important they are to their partner by the amount of attention they receive from them, explains Orange County Singles Dating Service.  Many women also judge their important by whether or not their man shares concerns or asks them for advice. 

When a man acts as though everything else is more important than his woman, things are settling in for a rocky ride.  And when men play coy and show their interests during the beginning stages of the relationship, but don’t pay attention to them once they’re already settled, that will also put them down for a rocky ride, explains Orange County Singles Dating Service.

Wanna-Be Gucci Pants

Women are very appalled by men who talk a big game, but don’t follow through with what they say.  It’s true, and men do it all the time.  Almost every woman has encountered a man at a bar bragging about his Mercedes so loudly that everyone at the bar can hear him.  Or worse yet, when he shows up to take you out, you find out it was really a rented Mercedes he got to impress you. 

Men have the wrong idea when thy believe women are only after men who are the biggest, flashiest, and have the best of everything.  This becomes a major motive for men to paint a picture perfect picture of themselves, explains Orange County Singles Dating Service.  But in reality, women find this behavior to be very disgusting.  So instead of making himself more attractive, he’s putting himself in the number two spot for the top female turn offs.


Some women go out to a nice dinner, others go out a comical movie, and then others go out to dinner and get stuck with a man who has a mouthful of self-admiration.  Men who waste a woman’s time by inviting them on dates just so they can glorify themselves are a real horror story in the dating world, explains Orange County Singles Dating Service.  A woman sitting across the table from this type of guy, listening to him talk about how great his GPA was, the career he’s established for himself, or bragging about his brand new Mercedes or penthouse apartment is will not be impressed—she is really bored to death and probably wishing she never accepted going on a date with him.


Being Too Into Sex

Regardless if it’s a first date or the fifth year of marriage, women do not want to feel as though all they’re wanted for is sex, explains Orange County Singles Dating Service.  During the early stages of a relationship, most women don’t want to hear sexual stories or comments—this holds true even when women are dressed seductively.

And in long term relationships, women don’t want a man to show their interests for them only when they want to get something in return, that being sex.  Most women want to be caressed, complimented, and shown affection with nothing to be expected in return, explains Orange County Singles Dating Service.


Despite how women have come up and are contributing to society, there are still men who believe they’re better than them.  It’s true, these men do exist, explain Orange County Singles Dating Service matchmakers.  These men have many ways of showing their attitude—some for example will belittle every woman they come across.  At the diner they frequent during the week, the waitress will be “The little lady,” at the drive-in ice-cream parlor, the girl will be referred to as “Sweet cheeks.”  Then, there are other men who will belittle women by letting them know they cannot perform male tasks.  For example, a man might say, “A female parking authority had the nerve to ticket my car.”  Chauvinism is rude and disrespectful, and it’s certainly not sexy to any woman.

Expecting Women to Raise the Children

Some men have the misconception that all women want to be mothers and they should devote all their time to raising a child.  Nowadays, women are focused on their own careers, their own jobs, their own goals, just like men—and would prefer if the responsibilities were shared.  This type of woman does not want to be left at home changing diapers and feeding babies while their partner is out working on their own career.  This is a major turn off for women, and one that will definitely affect the relationship, explains Orange County Singles Dating Service.

Showing Other Women Extra Attention

Men who are constantly glaring at or talking about another woman’s attributes, or even being flirtatious, will not appeal to any woman.  It doesn’t matter if the woman who passed by is a supermodel or if there is a hot blonde laying on the beach, women like their men to be respectful, enough so to act as though he did not see her. 

Furthermore, when they go out together, a woman expects her man’s eyes to be on her, not checking out the brunette in the miniskirt, the young blonde waitress, or the group of bachelorette girls who just walked in.  Men like this will not score any points with women.

Orange County Singles

Bad Pickup Lines

A sense of humor can be one of the best things a man can possess, but only when a man is funny.  A good pickup line can leave a woman with a long lasting impression, explains Orange County Singles Dating Service, but more often than not, women are exposed to men who try too hard.  With women, it’s a one shot deal—a corny pickup line or a bad joke will send them packing to the curb.  Some women will let a few bad jokes slide, but men who continue to harass them will end up on the top turn offs for women list. 

If your relationship is suffering and you have no idea why, Orange County Singles Dating Service suggests you consider the top female turn offs.  If your partner is guilty of one of the above, you should not confront him, instead print this little article and leave it under his pillow—he’ll get the hint. 



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